Meeting Minutes October 2016

LOCATION: Fitzgeralds
DATE: 10-11-16
Members present: 14
Guests present:
Secretary’s report: Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.
Treasurer’s report: 663.39 on the books
Committee reports:
Dx: T31T,T2J,H40GC,VP6AH,S9YY are active. TL0A starting on 10-19,FT5XT (Kerguelen Island) will be active on 10-13 and 14, 15 and 20 meters. Note: T31T was active but left 2 weeks early…..
Repeater: Working (NG9V)
Skimmer: Working
Dx cluster: Working (W9BG)
Website: Working (
Email reflector: Working
Swap reflector: Working
Scholarship: Now a separate entity.
General member info: WB9RNf recovering from eye surgery, N9LB got a Flex 6500, W9EWZ has new Beco amp and antenna for 432, W9XA (Central Division Director) is coming to Madison for a joint meeting of a number of south central Wisconsin clubs being represented. It is an advisory meeting on our present state.
Old business: W9DXCC had a good member showing . W9BG license has been renewed. No Fall banquet. Funding request for the 3Y0Z Bouvet Island expedition in 2018 was acted on and approved for an amount of $250. VP6AJ funding request voted down.
New business:

Meeting adjoined at

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