Meeting Minutes February 2017

Members present: 8

Guests present:

Secretary’s report: Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report:

Committee reports:

Dx:  RI1ANO (South Shetland) 4/2017 thru 3/2018, 3B7 by group that put on FT4JA October of 2017. KH1 still working toward October 2017 activation, A5A 2/10 thru 2/17, XX9D 2/13 thru 2/26, ZS8Z thru 12/31/17.

Repeater: Working (NG9V)

Skimmer:  Working

Dx cluster: Working (W9BG)

Website: Working (

Email reflector: Working

Swap reflector: Working

Scholarship: Now a separate entity.

General member info:  A number of members trying to work through noise problems.

Old business:   None

New business: None.

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