Meeting Minutes July 2018

Members present: 15

Guests present:

Secretary’s report: Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report:  408.16

Committee reports:


Repeater: Working with noise

Skimmer:  Working , with FT8 spots producing as much as 17,000 callouts in a day.

Dx cluster: Working (W9BG)

Website: Working (

Email reflector: Working

Swap reflector: Working

Scholarship: Now a separate entity.


General member info:  N9NNN working up CW speed. Many VHF tropo  openings. N9LB  scoring well in VHF contests. IARU championship and ARRL VHF contests next weekend.  Solar cycle may have bottomed according to several sources.

Old business: Roster updating. Please remember to pay your dues. The annual picnic will take place on the 2nd Tuesday  of August at the home of KA9GPY and N9CHN.

New business: $25 contribution to N9CHN.

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