Meeting Minutes October 2018

Members present: 13

Guests present:

Secretary’s report: Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report:  688.16

Committee reports:

DX: TT8KO,E44WE,EP6RCC,E77DX,8Q7DX all expected to be on the air.

Repeater: Working

Skimmer:  15-160 meters FT8 and CW callouts being generated from the K9Imm skimmer. 10,000/day

Dx cluster: Working (W9BG)

Website: Working (

Email reflector: Working

Swap reflector: Working

Scholarship: Now a separate entity.


General member info:  N9ELF needs a list of people that would like to go on the hot fusion tour. Thursdays only date open….

Old business: Banquet has 21 signed people up for it as of now. (11-10-2018) Motion for $150 for support of the banquet was called and approved.

New business: Send your info to N9MW for the banquet. Program and new member committee was has formed with 4 members.

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