40 Meter Delta Loop by K9IMM

40 Meter Delta Loop by K9IMM

Ted had a vacant feed line at the top of one of his towers and decided to try a 40 meter delta loop fed at the top with horizontal polarization. 

The antenna seems to be stronger than a similar vertically polarized loop in most cases, but it also hears more noise.

Top fed at 95′, each leg is approximately 48 feet 5 inches. The vertical height of the antenna itself is 34 feet 3 inches resulting in this case with the bottom 60 feet 9 inches above ground.


Pictured below is an AIM-4170 scan of the antenna using calibration that negates the coax feed line.  These results were used to calculate the dimensions of the required 72 ohm matching section.


EZ-Nec predicts over 7.5dBi gain at 27 degrees elevation broadside to the loop.




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