Meeting Minutes April 2019

Begin 7:00 pm  End 7:33
Attendance – 9 members plus Dave Lockman WI9H attended.
Minutes for Jan. and Mar. – Ed Toal has put them up.
Treasurers report – The treasurer Jim Hugo did not attend the meeting.
DX report – Jim Hugo did not attend but Lloyd Berg gave a short report.
XT2AW,VI9NI,C5DL active and Ted Giske
reports that he worked Lichtenstein via FT8.
160 report – Lloyd Berg reports that QRN and lightning has been bad for
160 but on the other hand 40M is very good
right now.
Web site – Ed Toal – up and working.
Scholarship –  Ed Toal will be at the MARA Hamfest, wants to sell an old
Swap reflector – Ed Toal – working.
Spotting cluster – Ted Giske – working well.
Skimmer – Ted Giske – Working well and is and adding 6M.
Repeater – Ted Giske – Gary has found the software and the call sign is
still in process.
FT8 v.2 – Ted Giske – People are starting to use it more, Ted is using
it on 60M with good results.
Gen. and Member info – Discussion on MARA Hamfest, award manager and
member drive.
Contesting – Ted Giske, ARRL SSB log checking is issued. Dan beat Ed and
Ted in WI QSO Party, they did not enter.
Other member activity – Ed Toal showed a SDR receiver that plugs into a
USB port, he says that it works very well
and cost $21.00 USD.
New business – None reported.
Vote on MDXC Donation to 2020 South Orkney – Tabled until next month.
MDXC outreach – Kevin Shea gave a nice report and showed off banners,
very impressive.
Improve internet access – Skype -Kevin Shea proposed to switch to cell
phone internet connection, his is very fast,
also discussed talking with Tully’s management about ways to improve
Program schedule was presented, Ed Toal talked about SDR web sites, I
suggested that possibly he could
do a program.
Lloyd Berg presented a video of 2011(actually 2012 I believe)VP8ORK
DXpedition, it was excellent.
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