Meeting Minutes May 2019


LOCATION: Tully’s II Monona, Wis.

DATE: 5-14-19

Members present: 14

Guests present: 2  K9BY,KD9DZT

Secretary’s report: Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.

Treasurer’s report:  $ 951.51

Committee reports:

Dx:  5W,ZK3,3D2 Fiji and Conway. SV2ASP/a has passed away, there is a second monk that is active.(SX2RSG)

Repeater: Working (NG9V)

Skimmer:  Working

Dx cluster: Working (W9BG)

Website: Working (

Email reflector: Working

Swap reflector: Working

Scholarship: Now a separate entity.  $600 generated at the Stoughton hamfest.

General member info:  N9LB upgraded his 6 meter signal with new antennas.Daily 6 meter openings on FT8. K9APW is having antenna problems. W9EWZ bought the new the IC-9700. New FT-8 type mode for contests is coming out FT-4 (very short exchange).

Old business:   Lesson learned from our recent hamfest experience was that we need to be more centrally located at the event for better contacts. Upcoming presence at future hamfests was dicussed. Jefferson and Baraboo are targeted. Better internet connection is needed for Skype usage at meetings was discussed. CWOps organization which is  for increased cw proficiency was brought up as an interesting way to improve skills.

New business: A 2 meter club net for MDXC was brought up to gauge interest. South Orkney Island DXpedition  donation was discussed and N9LB proposed a $250 donation . The vote passed and the donation has been made. W9DXCC is September 13-14. Club officer nominations were made and set for vote W9EWZ president, N9ELF vice-president, KE9ET secretary treasurer.

Program followed by K9BY on internet security.

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