13 S. Hillside Ter., Madison, WI 53705

Received Technician license 2/3/2004 KG4CHP, General license 2/14/2004 and Extra Class 6/12/2004 W4PAH.

John graduated  from Duke University in 1998 with an AB degree.  He earned a MSPH degree from the University of North Carolina in 2003.

Station includes an Elecraft K3, Ameritron AL-811, long wire transmit antenna with an SGC-231 tuner and various lowband receive antennas.

Has worked WAS (40 CW) and mixed DXCC.

He is a member of ARRL, QRP-ARCI, Orange County Radio Amateurs, FISTS, SKCC, USS Cobia ARC and MDXC.

Has operated aboard the battleship USS North Carolina.




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