Amateur Radio Education Fund of Southwest Wisconsin

 The Amateur Radio Education Fund of Southwest Wisconsin, referred to as AREF in this document, hereby establishes an organization for the purpose of providing financial assistance to students enrolled in institutions of higher learning and financial grants to institutions teaching electronics as applied to radio communications.  The organization intends to be a public service for the community of southwestern Wisconsin and it is hoped amateur radio operators in this community and friends will contribute support.



  • A currently licensed amateur radio operator who makes a financial or other valued contribution to the fund will become a member for that financial year.
  • Membership will entitle a person to participate in the selection of officers and grant recipients.

Article II


  • Three officers will be nominated and elected by the current members for the next year from January 1 to December 31.
  • The officers will conduct all business matters as a committee, but any member can perform a specific function upon majority agreement of the officers.
  • Officer vacancies will be filled as soon as practical by special election.

Article III 


  • A bank account will be maintained for accumulated funds.  At least two of the officers will have check signing authority.
  • Provide status information of the program to any reasonable request and render a year-end financial summary report.
  • Make known scholarship or grant opportunities to the public.
  • Determine the monies available for scholarship or other grants.
  • Determine the applicants who will receive grants.
  • Conduct or oversee all business of the program.
  • Conduct all possible business via internet facilities.

Article IV


  • Changes to these articles will originate from the officers and be approved by a majority of the current members.         

Article V


  • Funding of the program shall be from donation.
  • All donated funds will be kept in a bank account registered to AREF.
  • Financial status of the program will be available to the public upon any legitimate request.
  • Funds accumulated in excess of awarded monies will be accumulated for future awards.
  • Officers are authorized to sell equipment donated in lieu of cash via standard sales channels, e.g. QRZ.com, QTH.com, EBay, hamfest, mailing list, etc.

Article VI 

Process of Granting an Award

  • The officers will determine the number and amounts of the proposed award(s).
  • The officers will review and select a favorable applicant(s).
  • The officers will submit each proposed recipient to the membership for approval. 


  • Scholarship awards will be made to selected applicants attending an institution of higher learning (post high school).
  • The term of an award will be for one year normally corresponding with a standard school year (September through June).
  • The applicant must be a United States citizen.
  • The applicant must hold a current United States Amateur Radio license.
  • The qualifying student must submit and complete and accurate application form.
  • The officers may conduct interviews or require additional information, such as an essay, showing the applicant’s skills, qualifications or performance.
  • Favorable consideration will be made to first time applicants and/or residents of Dane county (WI) and contiguous counties.
  • Awards will be made to applicants regardless of race, religion, gender or age.
  • A scholarship recipient may reapply for an award in subsequent school year terms. 

Education Grants

  • Grants may be offered to institutions educating students on electronics as applied to two way communications.
  • Applications must be a clear description of who will use the funds and the content of the program.
  • Recipient institutions must submit a report to the committee upon completion of their activities.  This report will include a summary of activities and number of students involved.

Article VII

Dissolving the Program

  • Should there be no application for offered grants for four consecutive years the program will be dissolved.
  • Should the amateur radio community lose interest in the program the program will be dissolved.
  • If the program is dissolved, all monetary assets will be transferred to the ARRL Scholarship Program. Any physical assets will be returned to the donor.

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