Available Equipment

All proceeds go to scholarships and grants administered by AREF.

Contact N9MW at ed@n9mw.com to purchase any of the items or ask questions.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted.


Hallicrafters HT-32 HF transmitter  Low output power

various Rohn standoff house brackets

3 element triband HF yagi, (Cushcraft)

Palomar 4:1 high power balun

Vectronics lowpass 1.5kw filter

Astatic D104

B&K 1805 8 digit frequency counter: probe, manual

B&K 177 VTVM: probes, 5kv probe, manual

B&K 3011 function generator: test leads

Simpson 00748 RF probe: original box

HAM IV rotor: bench tested, direction indication smooth

DowKey antenna  relay: assorted bodies, coils, parts

Mincronta multi tester: no probes

104″ whip antennas: one steel, one plastic covered

Antennas, CB (I think): one Shakespear 16′, one unknown 24′

RG58, new, spool has approximately 750′ 

Phillips dual trace oscilloscope, 25mHz with 2 probes

20 meter band filter by Industrial Communications, 250 watt (a Field Day delight!)

100′ AC extension cord, new


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