Available Equipment

All proceeds go to scholarships and grants administered by AREF.

Contact N9MW at ed@n9mw.com to purchase any of the items or ask questions.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

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HF transceiver Yaseu FT707 with FV707DM digital VFO.  Working condition.  Suggest $100.

Alpha Delta multiband dipole antenna.  Good condition.  Quality construction.  Suggest $50.

Kenwood VC-H1 video adapter for VHF, UHV handhelds.  Like new. Suggest $25.

Henry 2K HF amplifier.  Working on it.  Tubes and power supply are good.  Suggest $750 as is.

Hallicrafters SX-101A HF receiver with Hallicrafters speaker.  Very clean.  Unknown working condition.

Hallicrafters HT-32 HF transmitter.  Very clean.  Unknown working condition.

BC 342-N receiver. Unknown working condition.

Triumph 333S volt ohm meter.  Needs work.

Drake TR33 2 meter low power transceiver.  Unknown condition.

Ray Jefferson 630 DF direction finder receiver.  Works. LF, AM, MF, HF, FM & VHF. Suggest $25

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