Monthly Club Challenge

“Contest”/competition runs per each new month, (from 0000Z on the first of each month through 2359Z on the last day of each month) — a total of 12 different monthly contests every year.  
Paid current MDXC club members work as many NEW DX entities, per the most current ARRL DX Countries List, each month — Start over with zero DX worked the first of each month and work as many new/different entities during that month as possible — 
Only 1 DX ‘counter’ per entity, per month, regardless of mode or band — Maximum would be the current total of DX entities per ARRL’s most current list, at least 5 for the minimum (USA & 4 foreign DX)!  NOTE everyone MUST work at least the US and four other DX entities to qualify!
No band or mode restrictions — no duplicate contacts on different modes or bands — just count each “new country” worked EACH MONTH for the monthly total — 160 to 2 meters, WARC and general bands all count, any & all mode(s) allowed — a mixed mode mixed band challenge.  You must work all from your station, regardless as to whether your are fixed, portable, mobile, or ??  You just must be using your own station equipment wherever it is!  
POWER CLASS — One award given each month for the most DX countries (“entities”) for LOW POWER, meaning ALL contacts made UNDER A MAXIMUM OUTPUT POWER OF 150 watts or less — and one award for HIGH POWER, meaning any one or more contact made using more than 150 watts!!!  (2) Awards given each month.  HONOR SYSTEM!!  The award is only as good as your word!
AWARD/PRIZE– Award winners each month will have their meals paid for (MAXIMUM of $15!) at that MDXC meeting — if not meals, than $15 cash per award winner — So, (2) winners each month get either a FREE MEAL or $15 cash — (NOTE:  No club general funds will be used as member(s) have agreed to donate separate funds each month for at least the initial ‘test’ summer period through September, 2017—) 
REQUIREMENTS — Awards given ONLY TO A CURRENT PAID MDXC MEMBER IN ATTENDANCE at the monthly meeting!! In other words, you must be present to win!!  No awards earned or given to anyone unless they are current paid members and are in attendance for that meeting!  
APPLICATION — HONOR SYSTEM!!!!!!!  NO QSLs or verifications needed!!!  WORD OF HONOR!!!  Simply bring a “log” list or computerized log printout of each and every new DX entity  claimed/worked showing date, GMT time, frequency, POWER used, mode, call of DX worked, and DX country name. Note on the list if you are low or high power and the total DX worked.  Number each DX most probably in order as you actually work(ed) them in. REMEMBER, all entries must work the USA and at least (4) other DX to qualify. 
CERTIFICATE — We MIGHT generate a simply computer generated “award/certificate” that we might simply ‘fill in’ by hand at each meeting showing the winner/callsign, number of DX worked, high or low power, the month of the award, and signed by the club President — Maybe, depending on participation?  Each winner will be announced and all such information will be included in the meeting general minutes each month. 
COSTS — There are no costs to enter!!  Just bring your list. 
JUDGES — each month the President will appoint (2) members in attendance to review all applications submitted to determine the overall (2) winners, Low & High power — 
NOTES — no limit as to the minimum (at least (5)–USA & 4 DX!) or maximum DX worked — someone using low power could win a given month with just 5 DX, for example — or a high power could win with just 5 or 10 — or 210?? No limit as to how many monthly awards any one MDXC member can win, so long as they are in attendance and submit an application each month?
The first month will be the month of MAY, 2017–this month–just go back to 0000Z on May 1 and list the DX you have already worked in May and have the list ready to be ‘judged’ at the regular 2nd Tuesday general meeting (Tuesday, June 13, bull-session starts at 5:00-PM, Green Lantern Restaurant, McFarland–meal ordered, served, and enjoyed between 6-7, meeting at 7, generally there is a program to follow, as well as the announcing of the DX Challenge winners!!).  Note that there are no restrictions for general contacts or contest contacts!!  WPX & other test/contest contacts count just as do regular everyday contacts.  Just have your May list completed and ready to submit on June 13. 
Any questions or comments — email Dick, K9APW, —  

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