MDXC August 14, 2018

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  Meeting Minutes for MDXC August 14, 2018   


LOCATION: KA9GPY and N9CHN Home on Lake Wisconsin

Members Present: 16

Guests Present: 6 XYLs

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: $628.16

Committee Reports:
DX: 4W6VH, OJ, TX5Z, 5W, 9X, and FH expected soon on 160m.
Repeater: Working
Skimmer: Working
DX Cluster: Working (W9BG)
Website: Working ( improving at high rate.
Email reflector: Working
Swap reflector: Working
Scholarship: Now a separate entity. Gearing up for future hamfest season.

General and Member Information: W9DXCC coming up next month.

Old Business: SDR site build-up costs to be analyzed.

New Business: Program committee looking for suggestions.

Submitted by Jim Hugo, MDXC Secretary/Treasurer, August 14, 2018

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