MDXC December 11, 2018

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  Meeting Minutes for MDXC December 11, 2018   


LOCATION: Tully’s II, Monona, WI

Members Present: 9

Guests Present: 1

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report: $595.54

Committee Reports:
DX: H44SHD, XT2BR, 9LY1JY are QRV now
Repeater: Working (NG9V)Gari has generously donated the repeater to the club.
Repeater: The machine is now “functioning” at N9MW’s house. A new location is being sought.
Skimmer: Working, FT8 callouts are thru the roof!
DX Cluster: Working (W9BG)
Website: Working (
Email reflector: Working
Swap reflector: Working
Scholarship: No Report

General Member Information:
A number of members are embracing the current contest season.

Old Business: Lab tour is still moving forward with scheduling.

New Business:
Next meeting has been moved to January 15, 2019 due to scheduling conflicts.
MDXC Officers are working hard to expand our member base by recruiting new and old members.
MDXC Program Committee is working hard to develope new and interesting programs.
The ARRL is attempting to get the FCC to expand Technician class operators HF privileges thru the rule making process.

Submitted by Jim Hugo, MDXC Secretary/Treasurer, December 11, 2018

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