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DXing is the hobby of making two-way radio contact with distant stations with Amateur Radio.   The "DX" term comes from old telegraphic shorthand for "long distance".

The Madison DX Club "MDXC" started out as a small group of dedicated DXers that met with-in the Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club "FLARC" in Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1970 a subset of members of FLARC, who were most interested in DXing, formed an independent specialty club to focus exclusively on DXing.   The Madison DX Club "MDXC" was born. MDXC is NOT in competition with general interest Amateur Radio clubs, rather it is a unique resource intended to complement general interest clubs.

At the beginning, MDXC membership was limited to those who had already achieved DXCC status.   However, MDXC has evolved into an open club providing Information, Service and Support to anyone interested in any level of DXing ranging from newly licensed beginners thru those who have achieved #1 Honor Roll.   Additionally, those interested in radio contesting are also encouraged to join.

All MDXC club meeting are open to guests.   We meet the second Tuesday of each month.   Monthly meeting details are posted on the Madison DX Club home page:

Full MDXC membership is available to any licensed Amateur Radio Operator interested in DXing or contesting on any frequency band.   Dues are $20.00 per year and are used to support International DXpeditions and to finance MDXC Technical Systems.

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