Bud Morin, K9ZT


622 Jacobson Ave., Madison  53514

The quiet one.  Every group has one and Bud is ours.  Originally licensed in 1940 as W8VHF in Detroit Michigan, he became K9ENC when he moved to Milwaukee in 1956.  In 2001 Bud got his extra class call, K9ZT. 

Bud was in the US Army during World War 2 and served in the Signal Corps in the Philippines. He graduated from Wayne University with B.S. in '48 and M.S. in '51 in Electrical Engineering. At the University of Michigan he worked on designing the early digital computers and then terrain mapping airborne radar systems. He did stints in private industry working on hydraulic control systems and business software development. He then moved to Madison in 1958 and earned a Ph.D. in Physics in 1962. During that time he worked part-time for the Midwestern Universities Research Association on particle accelerator development.  After that it was a few years of teaching Physics at U.W. - Milwaukee and Whitewater; then worked in the plasma physics group in Madison and finally ended up in the accelerator development group, Synchrotron Radiation Center, U.W.-Madison.

K9ZT is what a ham station ought to be.  The main Xceiver is an Alinco DX77T, but there's an Elecraft K3 ready to be installed soon.  Bud uses a Gap Titan vertical to convert electricity to RF.  Many home built units are visible.  Bud's first transmitter was a 45 or maybe 47 tube crystal oscillator. His first "DX" from Michigan was Wisconsin.

Bud is a active member of ARRL, FLARC, QCWA and MDXC.  He has achieved WAC, WAS, RCC and 190 countries for DXCC.