Featured OP, Ted, K9IMM


605 S. Hwy  78, Mt Horeb,  53572

Ted is a life long Wisconsin resident who migrated from the Delevan to Madison area when he attended the University of Wisconsin.  He earned a masters degree in both electrical and mechanical engineering.  His career includes time with Gilman Engineering, a couple of boat dealers, Admiral TV Co, the U.W. Mechanical Engineering Department and presently is self employed as Gisske Engineering.  He as repaired, modified and designed everything from beeping fishing bobbers to scatter radio systems to control systems for the monster mining machines.

His ham adventures began in 1961 as KN9IMM.  He earned his General in 1962 and Extra in 1971.  Contesting, DX'ing and building are his mainstay activities and he says his biggest thrill is when he puts something together and it works as intended.


K9IMM centers on an Icom IC-756Pro3, an IC-736R and a QRP station for 30 meters.  The Alpha 77 boosts HF radiation levels and an assortment of home brew amps lift VHF and UHV signals to usable output.  Radios for 146, 220, 440, 1296 and 2400mhz are also seen in the mix.  The picture does not show a reserve of other radios, converters and transverters.  The facilities are almost DC to Daylight.

Ted is a member of ARRL, FLARC, SCM and MDXC.  He holds DXCC for phone, CW and mixed and has received several contest awards for ARRL DX, VHF, CQWW and Wisconsin QSO.  Currently he possesses the MDXC Hoglette.  He has operated from KP4, VP5, J6, and VP2V and soon will be heard from Swan Islan, HQ8R.

Most hams have found that hills help.

110 feet of Rohn 45 (left) support  TH7, A3WS (WARC) and 15 element KLM 2 meter yagis as well as delta loops for 80 and 40 meters. 


95 feet of Rohn 25 (right) support a modified CushCraft 5 element 6 meter, 15 element 1296mhz and KT34 (fixed on the Carribean) yagis and one end of a 30 meter dipole.

Some VHF and UHF antennas for local rag chewing are interspersed.  Not shown is an inverted L for 160 meters or the 1000 foot NE/SW and 900 foot NW/SE beverage antennas.

EST 03/08/08