Joe Turner, K9KVA

Joe was first licensed in December of 1957 with a General Class license.  In April of 1985 he upgraded to Advance Class and in May of 1995 he earned his Amateur Extra Class license.  He is a member of ARRL, FLARC, MDXC and Air Force Mars. Joe was the State MARS Director in the 1970's.

K9KVA incorporates a Yaseu FT1000MP, FT101ZD, Collins 30-S1 amplifier and Dentron antenna tuner.  Ancillary equipment includes a KAM Plus TNC, keyer and DX Packet station.

Very neat installations of a HyGain TH6 and Dimond X50 are in place at 65 feet for big HF and VHF signals.  The back yard is home to a Hustler 4-BTV for 80 and 40 meter operation.

Joe prefers CW and RTTY operation, but operates phone as well, especially if a new DXCC country is available.  He is on the DXCC Honor Roll and has DXCC Mixed (333/340), Phone (331/338) and Ten Meters (220/223).  

Joe finds working with potential new hams the most rewarding, especially watching the enthusiasm displayed by students he worked with in the Green Valley, Arizona schools. He relates other aspects of ham radio are always fun too, such as when he operated HF mobile with a Hallicrafters SR-150, handled over a thousand messages after the Alaskan earthquake and and was flooded out by rain during one of many Field Day events in which he participated.  He finds it hard to explain how he worked North Korea (P5) on the first call with RTTY, but it had previously taken several weeks to make a contact with P5 on phone.