Jim Hugo  KE9ET

4815 Bailley Settlement Rd., Sun Prairrie  53590

Jim was licensed as WN9VHE in 1975.  Like some others, time went by and the license expired.  But happily in 1987 Jim got his technicians license and was issued N9FUN.  In 1988 he earned his general class license.  Later that year he passed the advance class exams and was issued KE9ET.  In June of 1989 he made his first DX contact and has been "infected" ever since.

In this short period of time, Jim has made the DXCC Honor Roll with 339 countries.  He also has achieved 5BDXCC.  Jim served as President of the Madison DX Club in 1992 and is presently serving as VP.

KE9ET is nicely organized with the operating essentials at hand.  These include an IC746PRO, Kenwood TL922 and a Kenwood TMV7A.  What is not quite so obvious is the equipment on the shelve is the W9BG DX-Cluster node, which Jim as been the curator for several years.

Ozzie is apparently a true DX hound as well and seems to be celebrating Jim's recent contact with VU4RBI.


Jim has a good size piece of land in a near country setting.  It affords him the ability to have a TH11 at 70 feet along with VHF/UHF antennas for the DX packet system and local chatting.  Farther out in the back yard is a MFJ-1792 40/80 vertical.

Jim also shares XYL Jackie's interest in in birds.  Here  is Blossom, a Rosebreasted Cockatoo giving Jim an appreciative look.  Blossom has 6 cousins that also reside with Jim and Jackie, as well as a second dog.

EST 12/21/04