KF9AQ, Kevin

2826 Wentworth Dr., Madison  53519

A more recent version of the station


Kevin received his novice ticket in June of 1986, with the call KA9VPK. He upgraded to Technician in October of 1986, then to General class in February of 1987. In January of 1988 KA9VPK upgraded to Advanced class and became KF9AQ in December of 1990. In March of 2000 he upgraded to Extra class.

He is a member of the Madison DX Club, FLARC, MARA and CWRA. Also, he holds membership in the MIDWEST SSTRC as a basic weather spotter.

The KF9AQ HF station consists of a Kenwood TS-440SAT with a Kenwood R-599D and T-599D as a backup. He has two HF verticals, a Butternut HF2V 40/80/160 and a Butternut HF9V 10-80. Kevin has worked and confirmed 260 countries using just these verticals.  The antennas have been painted brown to blend in with the natural surroundings.  You have to look hard to see them.




Kevin built his first Heathkit station back in 1986, a Heathkit HR-1680 Receiver and Heathkit HX-1681 CW Transmitter. He used the Heathkit station for a few years until he bought  Kenwood equipment. He also enjoys shortwave listening on a Kenwood R-600 receiver. That is what got him started in the hobby many years ago. Kevin likes to rag chew and work DX, but operates CW, RTTY and the other digital modes as well.

After working for NCR Corporation for 23 years as a field technician he decided to leave them and pursue a career as a voice/data/video/fiber technician. He has been doing this for nearly 6 years and is pleased with better hours and NO holiday and weekends work hours!