N9LB, Lloyd

4823 Oregon Trail, Oregon 53575       

Born and raised in Madison, Lloydís fascination with radio began as a 10 year old kid when his father brought home an old 6-volt AM car radio for him to tinker with. Lloyd found that the vibrator was bad, and built up an AC power supply for it, put 6 volts AC on the filaments, and used 117 volts AC through a Selenium rectifier and electrolytic capacitor salvaged from an old TV set for the B+. It worked! With the addition of a long wire antenna using wire salvaged from the power transformer from that same TV set, he was then able to receive AM stations from all over North America. That led Lloyd into SW radio listening with a Knight-Kit "Star Roamer" receiver and that lead to Amateur Radio and a career in broadcast electronics

Lloyd received his technician ticket in June of 1969, with the call WB9CRG. ( Thanks to "Elmer" Roy Rosser - W9IAU ) As a High School kid, he attended FLARC meetings at the old Wisconsin School Of Electronics whenever he could catch a ride to the meetings, usually with Joe Burris W9??. Knew Ross Hansch W9BG, Chuck Diehl W9EEQ, Chuck Johnson, W9OW, Herb W9LA, Clyde Coffee W9HSY, among others. Founding member of MARA, and hosted the repeater receiver for the original 146.34/76 machine at his parents house for about a year, built the area's first repeater autopatch (using his family's telephone line for a while).

Married to Bonnie ( W9BJB ) in Madison in 1974. While building their careers, Lloyd& Bonnie lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Florida. Lloyd upgraded to General as N4UYO, then Extra in October of 1985 as AE4HV, then N4HM.  While living in Florida, he was a founding member of the Florida West Coast DX Ring and participated in numerous club contests including building and hanging a full sized 160 meter quad on the TV-8 tower and retuning an AM directional station for 160 operating. Also went on a mini DX-Pedition to Egmont Key for IOTA. Worked the MIR space station twice and three of the space shuttles.

He is currently a member of MDXC, FLARC, and MARA. Commercial radio and TV broadcaster from 1970 thru 2000, migrated to Information Technology in 2001.

Holds FCC 1st Phone/General Radio License with Radar and Society of Broadcast Engineers "SBE" Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer.

Holds multiple Microsoft Certifications including MCSE and ITIL certified.

Lloyd was off the air for many years while raising a family, but returned to Amateur Radio in the spring of 2009 when he visited N9MW while looking for a used rig. Lloyd was very impressed with improvements in technology and with Ed's antenna farm. That provided the final motivation to get back on the air in a big way!

The N9LB station consists of a FLEX-5000A software defined radio, Alpha amplifier, Down East Microwave transverters and three towers:

- Tower One topped with seven long-haul VHF/UHF antennas, also gamma matched for 40/60/80/160 meters.

- Tower Two just for the TH11DX

- Tower Three for the modified M2 40M Yagi

When the bands are dead, Lloyd enjoys building things in his metal shop, particularly amplifiers and items related to towers and antennas.  Lloyd has DXCC with 225 endorsed, and cards for about 50 more.  Lloyd is QRV on all bands from 160 meters to 2304 MH.