Frank Holliday, WB9NOV

Frank was licensed in 1973 as a novice, WN9NOV.  He received his General Class and Advanced Class licenses in 1975 thus becoming WB9NastyOldVarmit.  He resides in a Madison west side neighborhood where among many other ham residents he has become the "big signal". 


WB9NOV consists of a Kenwood TS850S and matching speaker, Drake L4B HF amplifier, Drake C4 console, Dentron TDR-3KA antenna tuner and VHF/UHF radios for local chatting and DX-Packetcluster work.


Frank's KT34 triband beam is shown shadowed against the sunlit sky. He also has wire antennas for 80 and 40 meters and VHF and UHF antennas in the mix.

The Nasty Ol Varmint, sometimes called "Doc", is a member of ARRL, FLARC, MDXC and CWRA.  He has held several offices in FLARC and served as the president in 1979 and 1980.  As well, he was president of MDXC in 1986.  He was named FLARC's Ham of the year in 1983 and was awarded FLARC Distinguished Service in 1996.  He earned WAS as a novice and won the FLARC Contest in 1983.


Awards, oh yes!  DXCC awards for mixed, phone, CW, RTTY and 10 meters.  He's acheived DXCC Honor Roll and DCXX Number 1.  He's added ARRL Millennium, 73 Work the World, CQ WAZ Phone and CW, Worked 100 Nations, Bicentennial WAS, Rag Chewers Club, Catch 22, Ten-Ten and 1937-1987 Golden Jubilee DXCC.  He never has to paint his walls, just dust off the awards.